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Lasik in Oak Hill

Ask the Doctor: How long does LASIK last?

Lasik in Oak Hill – How long does it last? Orest Krajnyk, MD: It is a very common myth, people thinking that LASIK is not permanent and that it may only lasts a couple of years. The fact is, LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription – your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism – that you come in with to have the procedure. Utilizing a laser to reshape the cornea and eliminating the imperfections of the cornea that cause your nearsightedness, farsightedness

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Cataract Surgeon in Edgewater

What are Intraocular Lens (IOLs)?

Say goodbye to Cataracts and possibly even your glasses! More than 25 millions Americans are living with cataracts currently. The condition which causes cloudy, blurry or dim vision is easily fixed with cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the natural clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens or IOL. What patients new to cataract surgery may not know is that they have a variety of IOL types to choose from, all with different benefits. Types of IOLs

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Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach

Biggest Myths About LASIK Surgery

Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach Area It’s not unusual to feel queasy about eye surgery – most people cringe a little when they consider anything invasive involving their eyes. Due to the pervasive myths that surround laser eye surgery and other kinds of refractive surgery its completely normal to be concerned. So what’s real and worth worrying about, and what isn’t? Let’s take a look and separate the truth from fiction. Laser Eye Surgery is still New And Developing,

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Dry Eye Treatments in New Smyrna Beach

New Treatment Options for Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Treatments in New Smyrna Beach New Medical Options For many Floridians dry eye syndrome (DES) is a serious condition that affects the quality of life for many but there are some new advanced treatments that are available. For most mild cases you may only require a humidifier or occasional eyedrops. With greater dry eye symptoms and severity your eye doctor may recommend supplemental nutrients, temporary or ongoing anti-inflammatory drops, or occlusion of your tear drainage canals to help

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LASIK Surgery in New Smyrna Beach

How to Choose the right LASIK Surgeon

LASIK Surgery in New Smyrna Beach Picking the right car to buy? Easy. Picking the right person to date? Piece of cake. Picking the right doctor to perform corrective surgery on your eyes?? Difficult. Ok, all of those decisions can be stressful, but this is on a whole other level, and rightfully so. These are your eyes. How do you possibly pick the right ophthalmologist? Do you go by the best price? Maybe, but these are your eyes we’re talking

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Glaucoma Surgery in New Smyrna

Can Exercise Help with Glaucoma?

Alternative Treatments to Glaucoma Surgery in New Smyrna Does exercise really work on patients with glaucoma? As the science is continuing to unfold, many questions still remain. But a combination of evidence-based recommendations and common sense can go a long way when talking with glaucoma patients about exercise. Aerobic Exercise: Definitely Without a doubt, aerobic exercise helps with overall good health. As for glaucoma, Robert Ritch, MD, at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in New York

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Cataract Surgeon in New Smyrna Beach

What Type of Doctor is a Cataract Surgeon?

Cataract Surgeon in New Smyrna Beach Is cloudy vision from cataracts making your daily activities more difficult? It’s probably time to consider having cataract surgery. Ophthalmologists can replace your eye’s cloudy natural lens with an artificial lens. The new lens will restore clear vision. Follow these steps to choose a qualified, successful eye surgeon. Here are some steps to help you select an ophthalmologist for your cataract surgery. Talk with your regular eye doctor. If your current eye doctor is an ophthalmologist, they may be

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Eye Doctor in DeLand

Eye Allergies and How to Treat Them

Knowledge is Power Eye Doctor in DeLand, FL.  Have allergies turned your eyes red and puffy? You’re not alone — millions of Americans deal with the condition, also called allergic conjunctivitis. A cold compress can give you a quick fix before heading out in public. But for long-term relief, you need to know your triggers and treat the symptoms. What are the symptoms? They include redness in the white of your eye or inner eyelid. Other warning signs: itching, tearing,

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Dr. K

The Precision Eye Institute – Mission and Vision

The Mission The Mission of the Precision Eye Institute is to provide advanced eye care services with quality outcomes and extraordinary care. The Vision The Vision of Precision Eye Institute: To become the area’s leading eye care facility in East Central Florida. This will be accomplished by offering a truly unique experience to eye care patients throughout the area. Built on the model of providing unparalleled care and service in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Focusing on each individual patient’s

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Cataract Surgery in DeLand

How to choose an eye doctor

Which Eye Doctor Should I See: An Optometrist Or An Ophthalmologist? If your eyes are healthy and don’t require specialized medical or surgical treatment, the type of eye doctor you choose for a routine eye exam is a matter of personal preference. Optometrists and ophthalmologists both perform routine eye exams and both types of eye doctors are trained to detect, diagnose and manage eye diseases that require medical and non-medical treatment. If you already have a medical eye problem —

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