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LASIK Surgery in Port Orange

6 Reasons Your Glasses Take the Fun Outta Theme Parks

LASIK Surgery in Port Orange Can we all acknowledge that sometimes theme parks are complicated experiences? On the one hand, there’s something about letting your body be whipped around in a tiny cart at extreme speeds wearing a questionable a seatbelt that is simply exhilarating. On the other hand, there are huge crowds of people who have no idea where they’re going, everything is sticky, and no matter how lame the ride is, they all have painfully long lines. However,

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Lasik in Oak Hill

Ask the Doctor: How long does LASIK last?

Lasik in Oak Hill – How long does it last? Orest Krajnyk, MD: It is a very common myth, people thinking that LASIK is not permanent and that it may only lasts a couple of years. The fact is, LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription – your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism – that you come in with to have the procedure. Utilizing a laser to reshape the cornea and eliminating the imperfections of the cornea that cause your nearsightedness, farsightedness

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Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach

Biggest Myths About LASIK Surgery

Lasik Surgery in the Daytona Beach Area It’s not unusual to feel queasy about eye surgery – most people cringe a little when they consider anything invasive involving their eyes. Due to the pervasive myths that surround laser eye surgery and other kinds of refractive surgery its completely normal to be concerned. So what’s real and worth worrying about, and what isn’t? Let’s take a look and separate the truth from fiction. Laser Eye Surgery is still New And Developing,

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LASIK Surgery in New Smyrna Beach

How to Choose the right LASIK Surgeon

LASIK Surgery in New Smyrna Beach Picking the right car to buy? Easy. Picking the right person to date? Piece of cake. Picking the right doctor to perform corrective surgery on your eyes?? Difficult. Ok, all of those decisions can be stressful, but this is on a whole other level, and rightfully so. These are your eyes. How do you possibly pick the right ophthalmologist? Do you go by the best price? Maybe, but these are your eyes we’re talking

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